Partners in life and love, we’re Elisabeth Millay and Jonathan Young, married wedding photographers. We met in Brooklyn, New York and married in Elisabeth’s home state of Vermont in 2011. We welcomed a daughter into the world in 2015 and relocated to Jonathan’s home town of Palos Verdes, California in 2017, making Southern California our home. We’re well traveled wedding photographers, having photographed weddings throughout California, New York, New England, South Carolina, Florida, Texas, and even into the Caribbean and Europe.


Jonathan Young

A Los Angeles native, Jonathan graduated from UCLA and moved to New York to work as a photojournalist and wedding photographer. He has an eye for detail, a keen sense of anticipation, and can expertly organize even the largest group photos. Travel for photography has taken Jonathan to the hills of Kentucky, the deserts of Arizona, and beyond. He loves putting to picture the joy, emotion, and unique story of each wedding day. With twenty years of experience to draw upon, he’s well qualified to make your wedding a success. View his commercial photography here.


Elisabeth Millay

A native Vermonter and lover of coffee mugs, Elisabeth graduated from the Hallmark Institute of Photography and moved to New York to work as a wedding photographer. Since then, she has photographed hundreds of weddings across the country and internationally. She has a gift for putting people at ease and provides a wonderful experience to her clients and their families. Her photos evoke emotion, spontaneity, and connection. Elisabeth has been photographing weddings since 2005 and loves to work with couples who just want to be themselves and have a great party with their loved ones.